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People come to counselling forcourage to grow up a wide variety of reasons. Jonah counsellors are open to exploring your experiences & stories with you.  (See our service providers here.) We’ve been working  with adults, youth, children, and families for many years.  One of our guiding ideas at Jonah Counselling is that people are not problems and problems are not people.  The counselling relationship attempts to generate new space and perspectives so that problems do not characterize our lives.  It’s our hope that new life possibilities and identities have room to breathe and be explored in therapy.

img_4873Areas of professional experience: identity exploration, depression, couple conflict, relationship repair, (re)connection, trauma, suicidal ideation, pregnancy counselling/loss,  anxiety, relationship conflict, sexual abuse histories, family harmony,  disordered eating, overall health/wellbeing, addressing domestic violence, emotional abuse, grief or loss, mediation, rage/anger management, addiction or substance use, character development.

Some of our practice has focused on work with Indigenous peoples, children in care, survivors of Canada’s historic Residential schools and their families.  These are some of the deepest wounds in our community and in our context. We are honoured to be among the helpers, and we’re constantly seeking to learn more about history and reconciliation in order to provide appropriate and informed supports. Much of this work is funded by FNIHB and local child welfare agencies, contact us to learn more.

img_4925Jonah Counselling has been providing Action Therapy services since 2015.   This way of working with youth paves the way for collaborative and community based opportunities that can address trauma, abandonment, and family concerns.  Through Action Therapy, clients experience a less structured approach to therapy, and are able to explore Indigenous teachings and ceremony (if they wish).

Theories and ideas informing the therapeutic approach at Jonah: Narrative Therapy/ideas, Attachment Theory, Anti-oppressive practice, Feminist Therapy, Collaborative Approaches, Community-based Therapies, Post-Structural Theory, Motivational Interviewing.  Counselling sessions often include creative endeavours such as art, collage, or story – easily facilitated by our location within a large, well lit studio in Winnipeg’s Exchange District!  Art- and Play-therapy principles also inform our approach.

We seek supervision and professional guidance in our work, always striving for well rounded and contextually-informed service provision. We are proud to participate in a Narrative Therapy practice group as well as peer reading groups with other therapists in an effort to continually develop our therapeutic skills.  Our various professional associations require ongoing Professional Development, and we are pleased to be receiving ongoing education that serves our clients and helps us provide meaningful supports.

Follow this link to read a few comments about our counselling work, and see more about our outstanding group of service providers here.Untitled

Jonah Counselling Services are directed by Kelly Bernardin-Dvorak, MA, MMFT, RSW.